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About the company:
Nanning Pinpin Fu Fruit management department (hereinafter referred to as the "good fortune") was established in 2011m, Guangxi is located in the capital of Nanning, the transportation is convenient, the consumer market is broad. Product Fu is a diversified wholesale point, the products are widely distributed in the neighboring county of Guangxi, has a stable source, orders also maintained steady growth, the product has become customers to choose the first choice of holiday gifts, products are mainly a variety of pre packaged food, fruit, vegetables, dry miscellaneous, agricultural and sideline products, clothing, and other organic products.

Product Fu to "new, special, refined, excellent" for the business philosophy, adhering to the "quality first, service first, reputation first" professional ethics. With the people's quality of life has been mentioned, the pursuit of delicious, healthy, safe, and nutrition to become the mainstream of consumption of the people, the quality of products has always been strict quality requirements, in line with the consumer market.

Business scope:
The main products are pre packaged foods, fruits, vegetables, dry miscellaneous, agricultural and sideline products, clothing and other diversified organic products.

1 Hengxian specialty:
Hengxian rice dumplings / Hengxian Zongzi
Hengxian dumplings is Hengxian's most famous food, and Nan Xiang kohlrabi and Luancheng sweet potato, called Hengxian's "big three" delicacy. Hengxian bulk selection Hengxian unique fine glutinous rice, mung bean, pork, incense bamboo leaves as raw material, the use of the unique traditional crafts, after six hours of firewood for cooking and, its aroma, taste delicious, completely retained the Hengxian big dumpling "fragrance, mellow flavor.

2 Fruit:
Pinpin Fu fruits are the main source in no pollution of the fruit orchard, pick out the fruit are through scientific quality testing, sterilization, packaging. Fruit is sold in fresh fruit period, fruit Daxian ensure sweet, nutritious and delicious, rich. Quality of the fruit of the human body can supplement vitamins, alleviate aging, slimming and beautifying skin and prevent cancer etc.. Children, pregnant women, the elderly, after a meal sweets. Fresh fruit in addition to raw food, but also do all kinds of delicious fruit salad.

3 Enzymes
In modern women, what is necessary for women is love and enzyme. Princess enzyme in 64 kinds of wild plants, 22 kinds of fresh vegetables, water and grain as raw materials to extract. Through the increase of metabolism, regulate the body of vitamins and minerals, improve the intestinal function, so that the body is more slender, improve liver detoxification function, not only to thin, but also the skin white. For obesity, sub-health and three high population etc..